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This company has provided details of its writers which is a good sign. But, the site has only 10 writers in which 2 are PhDs. The site offers a lot of disciplines which made us wonder how this less number and less qualified staff will deal with such a vast discipline. And, if the site receives more than 10 masters and PhD orders at the same time, what will the company do. That’s mean that papers quality of this company is not good.


This company services’ quality is not good because it has very little numbers of staff. We found a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes in their papers. Also, its papers lack standard styles of papers’ writing i.e Harvard, Chicago, MLA and APA.


The pricing system of this company is not calculated but biding system. After placing orders, the writers will bid on the order. However, most writers sit their prices very high which is not affordable by students. Thus, visiting this company can loot you in hundreds of dollars.


This company has not given any physical address and privacy policy on its site which means that customers information is on risk. It can be stolen for any purposes easily from this site.


The company provide a live chat system for contacting it. However, we were responded about 2 days later when we texted them. It is very slow and unresponsive.


As the company possesses only 10 writers that’s why its papers contain plagiarized materials at a high rate. Also, many customers have reported that they were resold with other client papers.


The student should not use this company for writing services. It is not a reliable company as there is no physical address and privacy policy is given on the site. In addition to this, there is a very small team of writers with this company.

Comments from students

Elian is a SCAM! Someone write a essay for you and make a 34 on your paper. No partial refund or nothing just sorry.. Wow!!! That's sad. What type of people are writing your papers? Will never use this garage again!!! Run! Run! Run! DO NOT pay for this mess.


The prices of this services are terribly high as compared to the opposite agencies. They’re not giving a refund to you if in any case you quit from your order.


Essaylab is not properly creating your paper plagiarism-free. The content is taken from completely different websites and words aren't properly matched with the title of the subject.

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