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Hello students, we know that nothing feels as good as making the right decision when it came to your grades. Getting good grades as a student is the best feelings that one can have at this stage, so therefore, our reviews are here to lead and guide you towards the best decisions that one can make when it comes to essay writing services. Today, we are going to be discussing about a company named Drjamesconsultancy.com



During the time we spent investigating this company, we were able to uncover some hidden facts. We found out that the writers working in this firm are just 56 in number and have a high number of unqualified personnel. The team of writers comprises of 6 masters holders and 5 with PhDs.


From the above stats of the writers above, it’s so simple for one to be able to predict the output and quality of this company. Previous customers have complained about the services of Drjamesconsultancy.com that they’ve have been known for plagiarism and reselling because these are the ways that they can really keep up with the demand level.


The prices here are well within the standard level of price in this line of service. Getting a 2’1 level kind of essay would cost you about $32.86 with 500 words in two pages and will be delivered in 10 days. No discounts available here.


This Drjamesconsultancy.com provided all essentials details but left out the most important one which is their physical address. When a company doesn’t show it’s simply means that this Drjamesconsultancy has some hidden activities and operation going on within it.


This Drjamesconsultancy.com has provided its clients and agents with a very effective and productive communication system. It has an email, phone lines and Live Chats. But the problem is that we think when chatting it’s a well-enhanced bot that gives replies concerning your enquiries reason being because the communication from the other end is so direct.


It will not be advised when it comes to your grade that one should pick pricing over the quality of a write-up. Drjamesconsultancy.com only has a very good pricing system but the quality of writing has tarnished the image of this company. This company should be marked as a no-go area.

Comments from students


I want a refund because I didn’t get the course work I made an order for. the writer wrote something much different from what I requested and paid for been complaining about it and no one answered me. I’m really disappointed with this https://drjamesconsultancy.com site.


The worst help Drjamesconsultancy.com i ever deal with . they did the assignment after the deadline and it was full of errors then refuse to give me refund.


Drjamesconsultancy claims that they're cheap however they are belongings they are not. The worth of the articles are high that’s not due for the scholars. Although, they charge additional if you've got some additional work.

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