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The website claimed to have interested, passionate, experienced and qualified writers to get your assignments completed. The writers of the website offer to complete your assignment are, possessed with very poor writing skills. Greatpaper often get failed to deliver the quality stuff within the prescribed time. They have hired a poor staff which is not even capable to make the order complete in time. You should be aware of any website like this if you need quality content for your assignments and desirous to get good grades with no negative remarks. If you are serious about your academic portfolio, please search some better website for making your assignments complete.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: claims that they have customers from Harvard and other high ranked institutes, I mean seriously? If Harvard is accepting this kinda stuff from their students, how Greatpaper can lead the top ranked universities? I am telling you, these are all just fake claims. But they will play not even with your content but the value of your degree. They never work up to the described standards so, you shouldn’t try to risk all your efforts. “Great Paper” grabs a lot about the quality, standard and excellence of their work, to capture the clients at first but those are ale just illusions.

PRICE: have no justification for charging a high price for the poor service. Many other competitors offer rich quality stuff at very rational prices. Seriously, who will agree to buy an expensive thing with zero benefits? I found no reason to persuade you for buying a poor service in high price. Greatpaper is not affordable in any sense, they claim to deliver high quality content for your assignments requirements in very affordable prices.


Trust to keep your information safe, confidence of giving your content to a confidential hand and faith of being informed for the progress of work all just broke up in a single deal with them. This site has just been failed to please its customers with its product quality. They generated nothing to win their customer’s confidence. I get to know by reviewing their site that all customers, who tried their products rated themseverely poor. I too tried them, and will rate them no more than 1 out of 5.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: claimed to hire individual project managers for all of their clients but that was just a fake statement. Greatpaper also promised for 100% customer satisfaction, but I couldn’t find any single of their clients satisfied by them. The website is not much generous to deal with your issues and concerns, they wouldn’t respond you in time or their response wouldn’t be enough to get you adequate information. They say they will be there for you but that goes in waste.


Be aware of frauds, to avoid any inconvenience in your academics. After a thorough review of Great Paper, I found that they just claim to complete your work efficiently. But it seems like they don’t even know the meanings of efficient service and theynever proved their potential in quality of services. You must think twice before choosing any website to complete your degree in perfect schedule.

Comments from students


100% scammers! Received nothing but BS in response to my inquiries. Avoid at all costs, you're literally just throwing money away if you deal with them. Don't use this company again.


I worked with this company because my resume was not reading as an achiever so I worked with them to change that. The resume was rewritten and I was will to work with what I though needed to changed. Every time I found a problem (grammatical errors, missing punctuation, etc) If was as if I was being rushed to say that the resume was ok. I bought a 6 month subscription and this was the 1st 2 weeks. I had to redo the resume my self because it did not read like it was written by a native English speaker. This was a waste of money and time. I basically paid for a nice format and that was it.


Worst assignment this Greatpaper site I was not satisfied with the service. The work done was average, not even a pass grade. The expert did not have the idea of what they were doing and does not seems to have knowledge about the subject. They are unskillful.

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