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WRITER: lacks a writing team of professional. Their writers do not have the required knowledge to produce top-rated assignment. There is no qualified writer in Assignmentninja to give the finest paper according to guidelines. The most annoying thing about this company writer is that they don't follow instructions.


Their assignment is always associated with copied or pirated content. They engage in copyright infringement frequently. The zero plagiarism assignment one seek cannot be found in this assignment offering organization. The word quality service doesn't have a reasonable meaning within this organization. They lack the will to maintain a project deadline.

PRICE: love the high fees they collect from student rather than providing quality service. Assignmentninja prices give nothing but pain and sadness. They charge high and render compromised content. This must be stopped by refusing to patronize them.

COMPANY TRUST: is full of incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified staff who claim they know it all, yet they know nothing. Their services are poor, the lack the ability to carry client along during the assignment process. Their major interest is the money you are to pay. The realization of the top quality job is not their concern. They don't deliver the project on time. There are so many abnormalities associated with this company. Assignmentninja is not credible enough to handle delicate tasks, like academic assignment and should be avoided.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: have specific time to reach out to them. The 24 hours customer service support is a cover-up. They attend to the customer on their own accord, even when the issues or customer complaints requires urgent attention. Assignmentninja are incapable to offer client support.


The help you seek cannot be ascertained in this assignment writing firm. They are not reliable and not worthy to be trusted. Their site is not secured and not safe for credit card payment.

Comments from students


I won’t advise the website to other people, because they didn’t meet the deadline. They told that the essay would take 4 days, but I got it two weeks later. And no one warned me about the delay. Also, the quality and grammar are poor .


The only thing about this website worth mentioning is their friendly and helpful support member I was communicating with. Everything else was quite frustrating and I hope I will never need this service`s assistance.


The service quality is not exceptional because the management is unable to facilitate students. Assignmentninja is not supportive and the content they deliver does not make any sense with the topic. Sometimes, they ignore the most major points to discuss with evidence.

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