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The claim that most of the writers used by a-writer.com are PhD or master graduates and some being ex-professors is just a mere scam. They do not even have such highly qualified writers, rather they hype them so much that some clients get deceived by that.


Most of the essays, research papers, and various forms of assignments written by this company are often below standard. For this reason we say that using the service of this company for your writing help is not going to be perfect for you.


For most persons in need of writing company from which you can order for works that won’t beat down your financial worth, a-writer.com isn’t a perfect choice at all. They charge from $22.99 for a single page work, and that’s too high.


They promise to ensure confidentiality of most clients but how true is this? The real deal is that this company is ready to even expose your private details when you have issues with their service, and they get to threaten clients.


Round-the-clock customer support availability is another untrue fact that this company holds. All these are advertised just to gain the heart of many prospective clients surfing the net. The support team hardly respond to queries at nights.


There is nothing like plagiarism check for many of the essays written by this company. The writers of a-writer.com are really lazy and they tend to copy existing materials for their works.


From all the information we have gotten, we are clearly saying that usage of a-writer.com is not recommended by us for any essays you want to write. Its just too much for some clients to handle the rudeness of the support team of this company, and other displeasing attitudes they exhibit.

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