– Review named webpage promised to provide you the great quality material for your academic assignments for achieving A+ grades in your class. But the service they provide you is totally a waste of time and the material you get after completion is not up to the described standards. Mywritingexpert offer to serve you with variety of services like writing service, application service, assignments and piece of writing service and resume services. But they are liars and all their promises just appeared to be fake.


WRITER: claim to offer experienced writers and the perfectionists to do your job for any academic or other assignments. They claimed that their staff will provide you high quality stuff to get done for your projects. But they never proved the capability of their staff with the service they provide. Whatever you ask them to write, all will just go to bin, so go your money. The written stuff wouldn’t ensure you the good grades in the academics. You will find your stuff having various flaws like lack competency, poor content, sentence errors, false phrasing, grammar mistakes and piracy. I suggest to go for some better site and find any well-reputed company for your important tasks to be completed.


Their quality of service is very deprived and lower standard. Mywritingexpert first take orders from the client, being so cheesy and then end-up making vague excuses of not completing the work on time. You can say they just used to waste your quality time waiting for the product to be completed and then result in zero productivity. I will definitely not recommend you, service of this website if you are serious about achieving your degree in time.

PRICE: have no justification for charging such a high price for the very low standard service. Other competitors offer really high-quality stuff at very rational prices. Seriously, who will agree to buy an expensive coat with zero benefits? I found no reason to convince you to buy their service in the offered package.


Trust, repute and goodwill are the intangible assets a business withholds for a long-life to compete in the market. This site has just been failed to please its customers with its product quality. Mywritingexpert generated nothing to win their customer’s confidence. I get to know by studying their site that all customers who tried their products rated them no more than 1 out of 5.


They claim to respond 24/7 covering all platforms like email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. But that is a totally bogus statement, the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in getting quality service in described tenure. They wouldn’t respond you in time or sometimes, their response would lack the size of information you asked for. They told you to provide your work in parts so you can check the performance step by step but that process takes a long time even double than decided while dealing.


The stolen content they provide you would never be beneficial in any academic ground, instead, you may be charged fine for the conduct of piracy to any copyrights’ data. They claimed to provide you plagiarism report for every project but this report would be good for nothing if your piracy has been proved. It is awful to cheat on their customers with bogus assuring statements.

CONCLUSION: is not a good platform for writing service, especially for any academic portfolio. They just claim to do your job perfectly, but they have ever been convicted for providing poor services. As a student, you must think twice before choosing any platform to complete your degree with ease and scheduled. Be aware of frauds, to avoid any inconvenience.

Comments from students


I ordered math coursework. Can you believe didn’t get the right solution? I submitted the homework because I thought I was hiring a professional to complete it. And I got a bad grade on it.


What a pity that service with the name isn`t my writing expert. A wrong topic was delivered. I gave accurate, direct instructions straight to the writer, but none of them were followed by her. Looked like she was more concerned about the amount of money she was getting, but not the level of quality she was establishing.


Mywritingexpert company allows its writers to choose the price for articles by themselves. The writers take advantage of the offer and charge high prices from students. They never offer packages and custom offers to their clients.

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