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Every day by day, new means of making life a lot less harder are being put into consideration. These companies are very numerous out there and of which some of the site you see promising to write your paperwork for you are operated by scammers. And with so many scammers out there are you sure you can trust Essaybuzz is our topic for the night.

WRITER: company on their website page has claimed to have over 130+ skilled writers on board working for them. We can honestly tell you that’s a lie. During our research, we investigated this company to find out that they were even less than 65 and a higher population of these writers where not even as much as skilled as they had advertised. The group of writers consisted of 10 master degree holders, 2 with PhDs and 6 are based in the UK.


The quality of an essay is the most important part because this is the part that attracts the mark and also the part that the marker wants to be influenced by. From the research we conducted and also reviews that we got from their past customers kind of aligned together, this company has been duly noted for its woeful performance when it comes to the quality. They resell and make load of typos almost as if they don’t proofreading before sending the paper.


The price in is very affordable and this is one of the companies that making use of the standard pricing system. Getting a 2’1 level kind of essay in Essaybuzz would cost you a sum of $34.68 containing 500 words in two pages and also has 10 days to be delivered. You’re also liable to a 15% discount on your first time for using this service and there are no extra services.


You definitely should not trust a company that has something to hide; it can sometimes be very dangerous. Essaybuzz did not find it relevant to put up it physical address on its website that means to their clients they can’t be found.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: did so well to provide a standard and well-modernized customer service system that makes use of the features like emails, phone lines even the new advance feature called LiveChat. Essaybuzz agents are very helpful and easy to converse with but the only problem with their customer service system is that they don’t respond to complaints and refund policies.


This review surely can’t recommend you to get an essay from them. The quality of their writing as you can see has been rated poorly, although the price is good but its not worth the risk taking or gambling with your grades.

Comments from students


I reached out to this company days ago for a 4 page assignment I need to submit that I wanted within 48 hours and paid for it immediately. It was due to me 2 and half hours ago and no one is even able to reach the person that's supposed to have written it!! They are stating they'll follow up with me FOUR hours before my assignment is due to try to contact the I cannot write an argumentative essay in four hours with a toddler in tow!! THIS COMPANY IS NOT RELIABLE AND HAS PUT ME IN THE WORST PREDICAMENT. DO NOT USE THEM, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


They are terribly expensive compared to alternative market rates. They’re not versatile in terms of providing you with a reduction or giving discount deals. At a really high value, is not reliable to contemplate them for your tutorial considerations.


The quality of the delivery product given by this Essaybuzz company isn't as reliable as they claimed. The character of the paper isn't matched with the directions provided by the shopper. They don’t follow the format vogue as told them.

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