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The company claims that it has 576 writers. Also, the company has given profiles of its top writers on the site. However, no qualification proof is available. There profiles pictures are also not originals. Their profiles are fake. All writers have got 5 stars reviews, which shows over positivity and fakeness.


The company looks like a fake service. One reason for fakeness is that no sample paper is available on its side. Another reason is that no offsite customers reviews, not positive nor negative, is available which indicates that the company has never been used by anyone for writings.


For the investigation of the company’s prices requires signing up via email id. We did not sign up as it is always risky to enter email id on an unknown website. The offsite customer review is also not available to determine the pricing scheme of the company.


Company is not trustworthy, as it has no sample papers on the site cum offsite reviews relation to the company is not available. Which means that the company has never been availed by anyone for writings. This indicates that all information on the company site is fake. Thus, the company should be avoided for writings.


This company customer support system is not reliable. It has provided the only option for communication: live chat. Yet, the live chat option is slow and unresponsive.


Since the site has not provided any writing work on the site nor any offsite customer review is available, we were unable to provide you with any information of plagiarism in this company writings.


This company is reliable to work with. We do not recommend this company for writings. It is a fake company. You should avoid entering your email on the company site because you can be hurt by attackers.

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