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WRITER: does not make use of professionals to write or edit the essay. The claim of using British professors to handle project is untrue. it is a market strategy. Thelondonessaycompany writers are amateur, who does not qualify to compose an academic essay.


This essay provider does not guarantee 100 percent original content. They take total control over your project without following proper instruction. If you work with them, you remain under their control and delays. Every aspect of their papers does not stimulate quality service. This company undermines the need for quality and original content. They are not credible and do not possess the academic background they claim to have.

PRICE: profess their system is tailored to meet the academic need of the student. This is not true, the very essence of their existence is to make money off the student. Their price package is high, it is not affordable for many students. Despite the hike in price, Thelondonessaycompany are unable to maintain 100 percent quality content.


The truth is that there is no 100 percent confidentiality. Your personal data is not safe. There is no privacy found within this company. Client information can easily be divulged to the third party. This company popularity is unknown. Their inefficiency is nothing to reckon with. They do not prioritize client project, rather they focus on how to milk the client. This is not a credible essay writing firm that can guarantee efficient and outstanding results. Avoid them by all possible means.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: claims to work hand in hand with clients through Skype. How convenient could this be? Thelondonessaycompany do not entertain one on one chat with their writers. They always claim their writers are busy, that you should drop an offline message, that they will reply which they never did. Their customer support service is not reliable and there is no modality put in place to satisfy customer queries.


Go for a reliable, honest and efficient essay writing provider to stimulate the top quality you deserve in your academic essay at affordable rate. is not a place to find quality and cheap service.

Comments from students


Despite of them making a mistake, and me getting a F, they still refuse to give me my full refund. i submitted 6 attachment, they only forward 2 attachment to the writer, i find out the same day it was due. the writer was the only person with a sincere apology. all I received from are excuses.


These people are of nothing. They couldn’t even get a single essay right. I gave them detailed instructions and it seems that the writer refused to follow them or just ignored them right away!


Bad experience. Waisted my time and money. They should focus on customers detail. Avoid this thelondonessaycompany.

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