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The group of writers in this UK based writing firm is not efficient. are unskilled and cannot guarantee a quality job. Writers do not follow project instructions to ensure quality job.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: does seem to be a perfect match for quality service delivery. This company lack the ability to engage in deep and thorough research on any subject. There are always grammar errors and spelling defects. The accuracy you desire in an academic assignment is not found in them. Assignmentguarantee undermine the efficacy of originality and accuracy in job delivery. They do not work to deadline, they are always above project deadline.

PRICE: undermines quality service. What they are known for is project price inflation. Assignmentguarantee sell their price package to the highest bidder. Their prices are high, and your credit card detail is not safe within their site. They site is not secured for sensitive documents like the credit card. Beware and avoid this company, do not be fooled with the 15 percent discounts.


There is no trust or honesty within this company, they to mark their words with action. Do not be deceived by the content within their site, they lack the ability to provide a credible result to is often underrated among writing providers in the UK due to the inaccuracy and inconsistence associated with their service delivery. They claim their writers possess Masters and PhD degrees, yet their grammar error is enormous. They lack organizational framework. They lack the ability to conduct a thorough analysis concerning a given project.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: customer service personnel should be ignore. This assignment writing firm is not worthy of any patronage if you base in the UK. Assignmentguarantee do not qualify to render any reasonable assistance to the client. They tend to prioritize personal issue over the customer request. There is always a delay in response to client queries.


They are not credible, and cannot guarantee the quality result one seeks for an academic assignment. There is no excellent service within this company and cannot boost of quality service. Hence this writing firm should be avoided by all possible means.

Comments from students


They should learn to be professional first. are very careless. They completely forgot my deadline. I called them and they failed to provide me the information regarding the status of my order. I had to write the assignment on my own.


First, to do great writing (if we are talking about a book report and review) you need to read the book from the beginning till the end. I seriously doubt that they read the full book when they started working on my report. At the beginning, there was one line, while in the end, they created a completely different one that didn`t meet with the first one. How come? I had to rewrite everything on my own. It took me the whole night before the exam, due to what I was tired and absent-minded. Do not recommend to anyone.


The trust level of customers is not on a satisfactory scale. Assignmentguarantee is impotent to build satisfaction in the hearts of clients. Their work is not original and does not meet the instructions of the students.

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