– Review assumes to offer all kinds of essay writing in a different subject, such as chemistry, Biology, computer, and many others. What baffles me with this company is that Essay-company are fully aware that they do not have the required know-how to provide top-notch essay. Yet they indulge in deceiving people. This company has been around for over twelve years without reasonable service.

WRITER: writers do not follow you lay down principles. Essay-company don't adhere to simple instructions. They lack the proficiency to deliver the project in due time. Their team of writers is inefficient for quality academic paperwork.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: is very popular among students for their deceitful act, and not for the quality service. Essay-company fail to realize that every academic paper is supposed to represent student academic achievement. Instead, they turn student years of academic studies with their low standard service.


Don't get caught using your credit card in Essay-company site. Its been over twelve years now, students still complain over theft issues after using their cards on Essay-company site.


Customer contact information is frequently shared to third parties. Client privacy is not protected. They lack credibility and trust. Avoid patronage or contact with this company if you don't want your information to be shared.


The 24 hours and seven days a week customer support slogan, doesn't work well in this all-around writing firm. Their customer service portals are always unavailable mostly if you want to request for revisions.

PLAGIARISM: as a writing firm has failed in so many ways. The most prevalent one is the area of piracy. 90 percent of their papers have failed plagiarism test, which resulted in a low grade


Avoid Essay-company If you yearn for a superb college essay or a first class quality service. This company claims to have profound expertise in all areas of writing. There is no area of specialty which is an issue of concern.

Comments from students


Be careful of these people as they are cheaters. are taking money, convincing you that they will give you the best assignments and later send you papers not even fit for doing anything. You cannot even submit it. I did the mistake and I an suffering now and so I put this review to alert the others.


This company is really fake. how can you not have communication with your customers and you saying to refund the money or additional 30hrs? And you had to even wait for the customer to come and ask what is happening.


We do not recommend this site. This Essay-company site is a fake ad scamming people just for their rating.

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