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The aimed to provide you with a professional and attractive resume for your job, but the real picture of the writers is very horrible. The writers are unable to design a good and professional resume because they have fewer skills in this regard.


The service quality of this company is very shocking. They designed it for your future but in reality they are making you fool and playing with your career. The designs of resume are not attractive and explanatory. The service quality is poor and that will not lead you to stand in the professional market.


The price for one resume is not affordable for the customers because they are charging a minimum $157 for service. They are not pocket friendly for you. The service and the price they charge are not satisfactory.


This company is not trustworthy. The writers never take care about the career of the customers. The resume they design never meets the requirements of any job so a customer can be able to get a job.


The support system of the company is not cooperative. If any customer wants to change his resume during order in progress, they never show any sign of flexibility. They do not facilitate the clients regarding their problems.


The resume they design never meets the needs of the customers because the writers use to copy the designs of the resume from different sites. They add professional information that is copied from different blogs like “how to design your resume”. They do not check plagiarism.


This resume company is not reliable. They are fake and making money by taking advantage of the customers. They are scamming the people by threatening them. This company is playing with your career. You never get your job if you use their service for your resume because they copied it from different online sites.

Comments from students


Watch out , what they did was ok but I was expecting more ,real poor service , don't think once you pay you can get your money back , poor show by company , they are very happy to screw you right over , no after service either , once you put the money in a holding pot you cant get it back ,, please try another service not this pile of crap.

Steven customer representatives are rude. They don’t answer your questions if they ‘don’t have time’. I am a customer, you really should have time.


Overall, I am not happy with the services of Resumesplanet. The essay I ordered from them was not at all up to par and it had a lot of silly mistakes.

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