– Review is a UK-based writing services website. They offer academic services for students. They began their services as there was an increasing demand by the students to have a helping hand with their assignments and other academic work. Their principles of operations include:

• Honest communication about the quality of content
• Integrity about payment procedures
• Genuine and original work which means no plagiarism
• Excellent customer services as we value our customers
• Professionalism? That’s us!
• Transparent system
• Respecting the privacy of our customers

They provide 3 services

1. Editing and Proofreading services
2. Buy essay online
3. Essay writing services


This non-fiction service does not have enough knowledge to create an exceptional academic writing. The academic intelligence needed to perform a high quality essay is not there. The review shows that a large number of customers are dismayed by the poor service. Theyhave extremely poor working abilities. They regularly fail to convey the quality stuff in the recommended time.


The nature of its customer service is very poor and low-level. First they receive customer orders for their great understanding and, therefore, provide excuses for not completing the activity on time. We can say that they were only wasting precious time, convinced that the article would be good and that it would produce a grueling result, with an extremely poor quality of service. Reviews uk will give the quality of 1/5 rating in this aspect. Their editing and proofreading service is nothing to write home about. The 3 services as a whole are very unimpressive.


The cost they charge is too high compared to their services. You can find any other service that best suits your needs, as many different destinations offer quality services at exceptionally affordable prices. It would not be wrong to state that your service does not conform to the value for which you are going to pay. They must provide a quality that best suits their price. After paying quite a high price you will be disappointed by the result you get.


I am 100% positive that even their current customers are not satisfied with the status of their services. They left negative comments about the quality, value and accuracy of the articles they produce. As a result new customers are not expected. Seriously, the website has not made much effort to regain its confidence in the writing market. The organization has no trust in the market.


This company has provided a very bad and irresponsive chat feature which is of a very bad quality and disrupts the communication between customers and the agents. And the email and phone lines provided are really sluggish to respond. Their customer services is very Rude and unreliable.


In conclusion, is a bad service company. The prices are very unprincipled, customer service is very unresponsive and at times rude to customers, but the mainfaults come from bad writing and making customers believe that they will get a good work. To be honest, there are better companies that, at a fairly good price, students will get a satisfying service. And all their principles of operation are fake. Reviews uk will give them a 1/5 rating.

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