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Just as the main instrument of each writing company is the writers, makes use of unqualified writers which they ratherannounce to the public asnative English speakers from US and UK that, would write essay of good spelling, grammar and use of language. To be frank, this is just pure lies.


They promise to give chances for continuous communication with writers to allow monitoring of the progress of each work. But, the clients on the other hand does not even get any replies from their writers in reality. This is because they are not ready to produce quality essays in the first place.


The custom essays written by this platform is charged at very high prices that are not student friendly. They charged as much as £21.59 per essay of 300 words. This is just an act of fraud and cheating in diaspora.


This company would have been worth to be trusted but their shortcomings in the aspect of privacy of clients is just improper. They do not make the service to be confidential at all.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: has no customer support if truth be told. Various clients have spoken of how bad their responses to them have been. They are just rude to their clients and have got no respect for their views.


The papers written by do not have 100% plagiarism-free quality. Their writers do not write from scratch and they more like copy old works and rehash them for new deliveries.


Its of no doubt that is a platform with agenda to clearly scam lots of persons. They offer services at a level that is far below the expected standard of professional writings. There is no motivation to even trust the writers of this platform.

Comments from students


I am not very happy with this site. Today I wrote my third e-mail. No replies from the first or second email, and that was two weeks ago.


After receiving the money there is no service, rework of your assignment is very poor and don't solved of your issues. Fraud company.


Myessaywriting are scammers!!! You pay and then they claim they never got your product or try to over charge never again will I try with them!

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