– Review promised to provide you with the high quality content for your academic assignments in your class to achieve A+ grades. But the service they give to you is a total waste of time and the material that you get after completion is not up to the standards mentioned. Walk-through this article and get to know what the review of the services is offered by

WRITER: claims to offer the work for any academic or other assignments to professional authors and perfectionists. They said their workers will provide you with high-quality stuff for your projects to get finished. But they never proved their staff's competence with the service they gave. Everything that you ask them to write will just go to bin, same goes your money.


Their quality of service is very weak, and the norm is lower. Next, expert takes orders from the company, being so cynical and then ending up making vague excuses for not completing the work on time. You may claim that they just used to waste your quality time waiting for the product to finish and then contribute to zero profitability. We are not going to suggest you use this website.

PRICE: has no reason for offering the very low standard service at such a high price. Other rivals at very fair prices are offering very high-quality stuff. Really, who would choose to purchase a price coat with zero benefits? I have found no reason to encourage you to buy their service in the package offered.


Trust, prestige, and goodwill are the intangible assets a company holds to compete in the market for a long life. This site has just unpleased most of it’s customers. The company has never generated anything to win their customer’s confidence.


We claim to be reacting 24/7 covering all channels such as email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. But that's a completely bogus assertion, the website isn't well-intentioned to help you get quality service in the tenure outlined here. They wouldn't respond to you in time or sometimes, missing the size of the details you asked for would be in their answer.


The stolen information they send to you would never be useful on any academic ground, rather you may be charged fine to the data of any copyright for the conduct of piracy. They claimed to report plagiarism for each project but this report would be useful for nothing if the piracy is proven. It is bad to trick their clients with false promises that convince them.

CONCLUSION: is not a good writing service platform especially for any academic portfolio. They're simply claiming to do the job perfectly, but they've been prosecuted for delivering poor service. We do not recommend this service at all.

Comments from students


By far one of the worst company I've ever dealt with. They wrote a summary when I asked for a college essay with quotes and sources. I've been trying so hard to get a refund but it's been such a headache. I'll be opening a chargeback on them soon. I've had enough. Save your money and use another website or write your own essay.

Milo company is horrible, they can do simple essays but anything above high school level is a joke. the quality is horrible and the writers don't even look at the information you give them to write about. the customer service is also a joke. they are way overpriced with writers that do not have the experience or degrees to efficiently write a good paper.


Never, I repeat NEVER, make any orders on this senperfect site! I'd rather use all the money I've spent as a tissue than pay to these awful writers.

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