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The site has provided information of the writers which is a good sign, but they are not Native English speakers. Besides, it is shown on the site of the company that one writer is an expert in more than 4 discipline. For example, we checked the profile of one writer which is expert in nursing, technology, history, English and nursing. This quality of a single expert made us wonders how a person expert in arts can also be an expert in computer science or medical science. This thing looks like a fraud.


Another scamming quality of the company is no availability of sample papers on its site. The site which does not provide sample papers, quality of its work is always bad.


In this company, the customers will negotiate the price directly with writers because it has not provided any calculation of prices. This system of no pricing policy is a risk for customers because they can be charged heavily by the writers.


The company does not provide work on time, which is a sign of untrustworthiness. And, late delivery is always big problem for students who have tight deadline i9n institutions.


A customer support system of the company is not communicative. The customers are just allowed to communicate directly with writers. This is a bad quality of this company because in case of a dispute between writers and customers who will help the customer? This makes this company worthless.


It is not plagiarized work, however, we found that content and ideas in papers of the site are not unique. It seems that the ideas and contents have been stolen from the internet which shows a poor image of the paper.


We concluded, that the company should not be used for writing papers. Because it seems like a scam. It is also not trustworthy.

Comments from students


They never check plagiarism of the work they deliver. The distinctiveness and age ne'er encounter the content. They’re unable to form smart and distinctive sentences.


The writers are presented as highly learned who are unable to draw even a single correct sentence with structured grammar and clever ideas. They use it to paraphrase the content from different sites and pretend that they have written originally for you.


This website, from top to bottom is filled with fake promises, falsity and plagiarism. Don’t be fooled by their words.

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