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The writers of the team are very rude and judgmental. They are not professional and never follow ethical concerns. They have a lack of skills and seem lacking in quality education. They are showing the high profiles of writers but their level of English vocabulary is poorer than that of a seventh grade child.


They are not enhancing the quality of the project instead making your future dark. Resume is a power tool for securing a job if it is presented in well-mannered than you are surely rejected at the first stage. You should be highly concerned about your resume because your first selection for particular designation is resume and details mentioned in it.


You are always in need of money. But if you are spending a high amount for the thing from which you will be paid then why pay high dues? They are very costly and a normal person can't afford to spend a high amount for a resume only.


Trust is the primary element for any kind of business to build rapport with customers. They are playing with your future and spoiling your interview because of poor presentation of resume. They are following the template provided by the client.


The agency is where you will see a lot of graphical representation of their work but when they deliver order, you will be surprised to see the original destroyed document.


They are copying the templates of other websites and never aiming to provide you with original work.


This is not an option to waste your time and money with the team of writers of this company. It is better to make it on your own. But a professional resume is not expected by this website.

Comments from students


Poor grammar, and I gave peer-reviewed journals as my resources and the writer referred those journals as a "book", instead of "research". The writer didn't even know a proper APA citation, SAD.


This company is $#*! never use them they are $#*!ing scams they not even based in UK. They try to make american accent but truly there are Ukrainian or Russian scam don't trust them waste of money and time....


Resumarea is and absolute scam. Every promise they made is a lie. My writer was definitely NOT a native english speaker. The essay they provided was, in the most polite expression, awful. I was not happy but I still had to pay. They claim that you don't pay until you are happy but they ask you to pay upfront; I then was left with no choice.

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