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Incompetence is even an understatement with which to regard the writers of Iwriteessays.com, being that these persons do not for once deliver perfect and encouraging writings to their clients. So, its better to even forget about hiring this set of writers to avoid getting poor write ups.


The level of services rendered by this company is just too poor for many persons to cope with. Due to this level of incompetence, most clients refuse to keep ordering for more works from this site after a one-time experience.


We see the prices charged for every single works to be done for students of various academic levels as way too high. Even after collecting this kind of huge money from the clients, what is delivered to them is not worth the payment.


Its very necessary to say that this company deserves no trust from anyone in the sense that, they give you late deliveries, sometimes fail to deliver works to clients and get it finally unresolved with the respective clients. They fail to keep promises of giving discount to their bulk orders.


The support team of Iwriteessays.com is not perfect for any clients that wants peace of mind. These persons get to even infuriate several clients with rude replies given to most of the queries submitted by the clients.


The popular feature of the essays written by this company include copied contents. They fail to use anti-plagiarism checker which they speak so much about, but they just submit the essays unedited.


We have come to the concluding point that Iwriteessays.com work with set of unqualified writers, and their services are just disappointing and inefficient. This company often refuses to pay back the money of most clients who request for it whenever they get unsatisfied with delivered works.

Comments from students


Total scammers this https://iwriteessays.com site. Submitted a fairly simple coding problem and received an incorrect answer. Explained to the “expert” why it was wrong and they said they’d correct. Then submitted another stupidly incorrect answer- just clearly no understanding of the question. The people they employ are in no way experts. Trying to get a refund has been impossible. They just ignore your messages. I’ve sent complaints through paypal and hopefully their paypal account will be shutdown soon for fraudulent behaviour. Do not waste your time with this business.


This Iwriteessays.com company works really bad. When your are not happy with the writing or when they do a late submission they do not even give a full refund. They directly put just part of the money back without even ask or give another alternative. The make you write 350 words for you to explain why you are requesting a refund but even though they make you waste your time and put in risk a late assignment from a client's part they do not try to find solutions for the customer satisfaction.


The quality of the delivery product given by this Iwriteessays company isn't as reliable as they claimed. The character of the paper isn't matched with the directions provided by the shopper. They don’t follow the format vogue as told them.

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