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Hi students! Are you looking for a suitable place to help with your essays? Having one that's reliable, excellent quality, good customer service, average price and certainly not a scam is crucial. Today we are here to look at another forum, in this review which is This forum helps students or individuals to offer professionally well-constructed essays.


The company has to raise a little bit of it’s standards to prove that they exists and are delivering something valuable. They claim to have well-dedicated workers. But everyone knows that when it comes to delivering and finishing work, they show irresponsible behavior and become very rude.


We found out when doing a study on that the site does not appear to be checked by its customers. Often, there were lots of typos on the essays we got back and misplacement of punctuations in the prose.


One should never compromise on the quality that they are paying for. The competitor that they have are providing more quality in affordable price. You should just grab some other great service as they ate now not trustworthy anymore.


This website has given no legitimate physical address and privacy policy to its customers to ensure they provide a high level of security from them. They are not successful, and they can not handle an academic project that is high profiled.


From the Live Chat app down to the emails and the phone lines, the customer support program has been open. have developed an enormously powerful and efficient communication system that answers your every need but is quite slow in responding to complaints.


Their material is full of content about plagiarism and theft. They provide you with just the old wine in a new bottle which is not difficult to capture in any program of decent quality. How a company with stolen content will lose the trust of its customers with such mediocre quality of service. That's just ridiculous they demand exceedingly high prices for stolen items. They are behaving criminally and immorally.


Finally, in some cases has proven to be a good benefit and has performed poorly in the important aspect of essay writing. It is certain that it is not advisable to come to deal with this business, as it is doubtful that you will be satisfied. We do not recommend at all.

Comments from students

Harmony are a scam. Having had a little look on company house it appears that the Business operates out of someone’s house. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES THEY TELL YOU ABOUT BEING A PROPER BUSINESS!!!.


I ordered my essay from and all I got from paying $220 is nothing but a piece of shit! and oh, I remember that I got an F with that one. I learned my lesson now, I won't ever order papers from them! they're scammers!


Do not waste your money. I had to redo my essay, after wasting 270 dollars. Doing business with sigmaediting was a complete waste of money and time.

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