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The brag about the writers used by is quite much. They referred all their writers to be either masters or PhD qualified, so as so to gain the interest of many customers who are visiting this site for the first time. Its pitiable the writers can not prepare tangible write ups when required.


This company renders services like writing of assignment, essays, research papers and the likes in all domains of study. The bitter truth is that most of their writers are not specialized in the domains they claimed to be, while they only do flimsy researches to copy out materials from other websites for delivery.


The prices for each of the services rendered by are way too high for many persons to actually afford. Its clear, there is no consideration of clients comfort put in place while devising this price range.


The aim of this company is to majorly scam several possible persons from the public while pretending to offer lovely writing services to the people. They have fucked up many clients as previously reported, while they took money from this people without making proper deliveries for them.


The support staff of are set of lazy individuals that are not ready to spend any time to resolve complains from customers. So, they prefer to have you send in messages which they promise to attend to prior to that time but end up not giving u a single reply.


Mostly, what writers of do is copy and rehash of various old materials from different websites, which they combine as prepared articles or essays to be delivered to their respective clients. They do not bother to write original essays that would satisfy their clients.


From much of the negative comments dropped on the webpage of, its enough reason to say this company is not recommend to be used for your academic works nor preparation of write ups of any kind.

Comments from students


This is what happened to me when I got the research paper from them. Before I got it, the agent was very pleasant and all. When I got a terrible paper and told them about the plagiarism and the ridiculous mistakes, they told me that for that price, that’s a great paper. The prices aren’t even low! Don't use this site.


If you want to fail in your assignments I offer this company to you. My tutor rate my assignment only 18% from 100 and that's really disappointing.


The site seems ok! My beef is I was supposed to receive a refund of a charge that was never sent to my bank! I never received the refund. I call livewebtutors about this and was told it was processed, then I call the bank and they said they never received a credit, so I’m disappointed with what has happened! That’s the reason for the low rating!

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