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Hello students, are you in search of an amazing website that can help you write your essays? With a plethora of websites available on the internet today, it is important that you choose one wisely. You need to choose one that is reliable, offers excellent quality, has efficient customer support, affordable price and definitely should not be a scam. In today's review, we are going to discuss This website is notorious for its malpractices and bad quality. Here are some aspects that will help students understand why working with them should be avoided.



This kind of industry thrives upon the education and writing skills. Unfortunately, MHR Writer UK does not have enough amount of writers nor are they well versed in academic writing styles. Forget Master's Degree or Ph.D.'s. They barely seem to have a writer who has passed high school. The ones they can manage to employ are from third world countries and as they claim to be a UK based company, their style of working does not prove it. Our experience with their written work was nowhere near acceptable to let alone excellent writing service. Although they claim to have a team of Ph.D.'s and Master's degree holders.


Our research on MHR Writers Reviews revealed they do not have any credible reviews from clients. Also, the essays that were submitted to us were filled with typos. It is a matter of fact that when you write for the academic industry, extensive research is required. The submitted essays were merely copies of Wikipedia and other sources that can be easily spotted by the teachers. When we requested a rewrite, they were more than happy to ignore our requests and directions.


Their prices are unbelievably skyrocketing. To get a 2'1 level essay from them, one has to pay an average price of $89.96 for a maximum limit of 500 words, two pages delivered in 12 days. However, for first-time customers they offer a discount of 35% which automatically drops the price to $31.49 approximately. But the discount seems to be worthless because when you request an essay of more than 500 words, the amount charged is impossible to afford by a student.


The address mentioned on the website keeps changing rapidly. It is a clear indication that they are not actually based in the UK. They do not have a genuine physical address and the privacy policy is not credible. It does ensure that the client's get a high level of anonymity from them. This company can easily run away with the money of their clients without warning.


The website seems to have a very efficient customer support staff that handles their live chat and emails. They are very quick to respond when you inquire about ordering but the effectiveness drops when it comes to complaints.


To sum it up, MHR Writer has proven to be good at communication with new customers but they seriously lack in essay writing. It is a fact that doing business with them will not be satisfactory and it is not advisable.

Comments from students


The service quality that they offer to their buyers is not exceptional and management is unable to facilitate students with their services. They’re not validating and therefore the content they deliver doesn't make any sense with the subject. Sometimes, they ignore the foremost major points to discuss in the essays.


Writer was unable to follow my instructions and the references were wrongly cited


I'm not happy with the writing. I made a payment of 2.1 but got a score of 2.2.

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