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This editing and proofreading service provider lack competent proofreaders. Their editors are not pro and do not take time to check errors and spelling in the essay before submission. There is no guarantee that their incompetent proofreader can produce good quality documents.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: is not a solution ground for editing and proofreading job. Their essay composition style does not suit the needs of students. Mytutorshelp do not understand the need for effective time management. Giving them an assignment, essay, dissertation to edit is at owner's risk. They indulge in editing and proofreading service in a haphazard manner. They cannot be depended on for quality service.


Their prices are extra ordinarily high. brag about their long years of existence without a quality job to show. Their price package is very high compared to other editing firms around the world. Mytutorshelp prices are not accommodating.


This company donkey year of experience, yet service delivery is poor. Despite this editing firm has been around for more than 25 years, are still struggling to meet clients’ needs, and so they are incapable to provide a proficient result for clients. They are not a solution point for dissertation, research and essay errors, rather they will compound the whole process. They cannot be trusted. Soliciting the help of this service firm is asking for trouble. They do not deliver the job on time. Avoid them as soon as possible.


At this time and age, Mytutorshelp company does not respond to mail, nor do they respond to calls. Clients are always placed in a precarious situation. There is no were for customers to make a complaint or request to. Their customer support team are not an effective and very lazy set of being.

CONCLUSION: is not the sole solution ground that can aid you in your essay editing and proofreading tasks. Their proofreader or editors can only compound the whole process. Desist from them, they are not credible to reckon with.

Comments from students


The support system of company is not co-operative. If any customer wants to change his resume during order in progress, they never show any sign of flexibility. They do not facilitate the clients regarding their problems.

Killian company should be reliable in terms of customers’ winning way for his/her job. But this company is making money but lacking the services maintained on their websites.


This is highly rejected Mytutorshelp company. You should be careful about your future and choose the right option for your resume writing.

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