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It is fully understandable for a student to need some support at some point during their education. Whether all of your deadlines land at the same time, or extra-curriculars or part time job are just too demanding to keep up with your assignments, it is OK to ask for support. Unluckily, some essay writing services take benefit of desperate students, and it is hard to know what is scam and what is not. This review will try to reply the questions, is Topratedtutors legit?

WRITER: is a UK based essay writing service that will write about dozens of topics at Undergraduate, High School, Master or PhD level. This is a type of a red flag as only a real professional can write to PhD standard on any given subject, so I feel like they cannot deliver on everything they provide.


I have a real worries about the qualifications of the writers and quality of the work. So, I think Topratedtutors must provide generic papers, that would not get best grades.


Unluckily, prices are not mentioned on site but you will get €100 free service. How? That is not mention in their site. Topratedtutors is no space to add a coupon or discount code so you will probably have to pay full price.

COMPANY TRUST: platform has provided its customers no real physical address and privacy policy to make sure that its customers get a top level of security from them. This firm could just fraud its customers in such a little notice.


When you make an order, you mechanically create login details, which means you can access support for your account later. There is phone number, a contact form, anyway what is slightly concerning is the fact that there are no links at all to social media. That is truly bizarre for a modern business.

CONCLUSION: is not a best platform for writing service, especially for any essay portfolio. They just claim to do your job perfectly, but they have ever been convicted for providing bad services. As a student, you must think twice before picking nay platform to complete your degree with ease and scheduled. Be alert of frauds, to reject any inconvenience. I will rate them definitely, no more than 1 out of 5. Topratedtutors claimed to provide you plagiarism report for every project but this report would be best for nothing if your piracy has been confirmed.

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