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This company claims to be one of the top best United Kingdom writing firm. Despite this claim, their company trust and quality service are in doubt. People don’t find joy or happiness whenever Courseworkempire use their online service. If you are thinking of giving them a project, quietly make a U-turn for your safety.



Writers don't have considerable involvement in given quality coursework service. Customers are not constantly fulfilled each time they make a request. Courseworkempire writer rating is poor. This coursework service will not benefit you, and it indeed not an ideal company to deliver original article.


There is no doubt that most academic assignment needs unique content. has a minimal evaluation due to the inability to produce a quality job. Courseworkempire mode of composing coursework and other project is strange. Courseworkempire is constantly connected with a failure to meet due dates. Their services are appraised low, don’t endanger your academic career by patronizing them.


This have a degree in price inflation. Courseworkempire claim to give out astounding gifts and discounts, but their prices are more than times five of other company. Do not follow the 15% rebate, because is not for your profiting. The high fee in this writing firm does not determine original content, so beware not to fall into their trap.


There is an extremely insignificant rating for this company. There is so much anonymity in this company, like physical address, who is behind the company and what they stand for. Courseworkempire lack the required attribute to deliver error-free content. The search engine underrates the company.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: client support is great at delaying customers. Courseworkempire lack the will for skilled and dependable service. They are characterized as an unserious group of losers glued under the same umbrella of customer support, yet do nothing to a client request.


Everyone frown at plagiarism, except Courseworkempire. They derive joy in pirating others job. They cannot provide quality and original content for their client. Do not allow the inefficiency in this writing organization to jeopardize your career.


This writing firm is not credible to manage any form of coursework effectively and must be ignored without delays.

Comments from students


They are not successful to build up trust in their customers because they are not providing the services as claimed. This company is spoiling the generations by defeating them only for a few pennies. company never deserves to support it for their fraud.

Brielle is not recommended for you because they are unable to provide quality work to their buyers and we do not have any guarantee regarding their performance.


Worst experience ever! I'm a native spanish speaker and I can say that the writing is very poorly done, with 0% effort. Courseworkempire just do the task to complete it, and not to satisfy the client's needs, they add sources that don't exist, don't do referencing as expected and lie with the revisions. If you request a revision -that is expected to be at least a 2 hrs work-, they make you wait for more than 24 hrs, and deliver ( I'm not joking) a revision done under 5 minutes. Don't do this service it is a total scam!. I ordered 2 works, paid lots for them and both times I experienced the same trash.

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