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We have been able to discover that the writers working for 99papers.com are just set of amateurs with very little knowledge in the various fields they handle. So its a forehand information for you to know that its better to make a different choice of another company other than this.


The delivery of various low-quality written papers to respective clients of this company is not so surprising because, they often do little or no research on the topics provided to them. They rather put down on paper, anything at all they poorly reason out.


Charging of about $9 plus for high school works let alone the work of college students, is way too high for these students to take care of. This company operates with too much greedy mind set, that’s the more reason they charge so high.


The way 99papers.com render their writing services to the people is just very difficult to cope with. Many clients have not been able to make any positive comments about the quality of their service and no one can entrust in them.


The kind of behaviours that various clients have experienced with the support team of 99papers.com is quite unfair and the clients get to feel sad or disappointed by their reactions on certain occasions.


The fact that the writers of this company carry out any form of plagiarism check for any papers they write is just a scam, but they often trick many prospective clients with the claim that they would do this for each of the papers they write.


In conclusion, the displeasing writing services that 99papers.com offer to their clients is just improper and we do not recommend the use of this company for any form of writing. Their staffs are known to be rude even in the way they relate with their clients.

Comments from students


Total scam. They said they were unable to provide a service just three days before my deadline and then they said to process the refund. it was a month ago already. They keep delaying the date without acceptable reasons. https://99papers.com are TOTAL SCAM. They steal your money even without providing the service. The guy named Alex who is in the financial department is a total liar. He makes excuses not to give your money back. Watch out!


Good prices, lower than average on the market. But the work 99papers.com doesn`t worthy at all. Too many mistakes and typos which they don`t even bother to correct.


A wise and fair decision is do not use this site for academics. 99papers are a fraud and scamming the students. They are making your future dark.

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