– Review is an online editing company that claims to provide service for editing purposes. In following we are going to review its website.


First of all this company does not acknowledges its own writers or editors properly. All you find about them are three lines in about section.


Though they claim to have mastery in their work yet there is no info regarding the writers or editors of this company. Then the testimonials are just name with quotes. So you basically can’t judge the quality of their work.


For single page of essay of A level of 1 page and urgency of 24 hours you would have to pay them $35.79 which way too much then the average pricing of market for same essay.


By looking at the website one can’t trust them. There are no testimonials, no writer’s info and no editor’s info. All you can see on their website is what they do.


Their customer support is worst. All they care about is making money. It just look strange that a company has provided you with multiple payment options but only a phone number for customer support. No social ids, no live chat, no email and no physical address.


Since they don’t provide any kind of sample on their website that could be check for plagiarism so we were unable to review them on this point.


So, a company with improper website, improper pricing plan, improper customer support, no writer’s info and no testimonials surely does not deserve to be trusted completely by customer. You must look for any other company in the market. We rate them 1/5.

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