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Customers can contact support team 24/7 via online chat application, toll free call, Skype or through the email.



One of the key features mentioned about the backbone of is high qualifications like MA/MSc and PhD. They have been able to trick many clients with this anyways, but you have to be careful not to fall a victim of the poor services of these writers.


This writing company popularly claim that they offer writing in various fields and handling of medical works is just very simple for them. Most of what these people say, are nothing but lies. Their services have ended up being scam to a lot of persons.


For any writing work to done by this company, its usually at very high prices that are unaffordable for students to pay. They charge high for both undergraduate and postgraduate works. They even advertise 50% off for most of their first orders from a new client but they won’t fulfill it.


The services of this company can not be trusted for they are much known for disappointments. They are so rude to customers and they often treat them badly, and there is no assurance of safety of any details of a customer with them.


There is no positive ratings that the support team of this writing company has received. They are known for negligence and poor response in all ways to every queries of potential clients.


Submission of copied works by writers of is one of their common problems. They often do this when they can’t meet up with deadlines of their customers, since they are of very little number that handle much of the works given to them at once.


To conclude this review, we have been able to discover that most of the writing services provided by is below the standard of writing in UK. They do not do proper proofreading, editing or writing of academic papers. We do not recommend them at all for your writing needs.

Comments from students

Alessia website is such a scam. Got a paper written for me and I was not satisfied at all. There QA team had to check the entire paper to see if they thought it was good enough instead of how I thought when the paper was written for me not them. Asked for a refund and they wouldn’t give me it and after me emailing them back they agreed on giving me 20% back which is a joke.


Good prices, lower than average on the market. But the work do isn`t worthy at all. Too many mistakes and typos which they don`t even bother to correct.


The writers are unable to write unique and creative content on different topics. Academicsciences use to copy the content from the common blogs and Wikipedia.

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